Looking After Your Small Animals in the Immingham Area

Pop In Visits

I offer visits to small animals such as rabbits, mice, chinchilla, bearded dragons, etc. Any animal that is in a small cage or similar can be catered for. I will pop in for a quick visit to change water, bedding and food, etc. If required a longer visit to play with rabbits, etc. can be arranged. We can offer this whilst you are on holiday or make daily visits if needed.

Medication Visits

Does your pet need specific medication at a set time during the day? I can provide a quick pop in service to administer the medicine.

Vets Visits

I will take your small animal(s) to the vets for you whilst you are at work. If you have no transport I can provide a pet taxi where I can take you and your animal(s) to the vets.

Holiday Home

I will look after your small animals inside in a room with heating and lighting and equipped with a TV and radio. I will spend time with your pets each day and ensure that they get a nice holiday as well.

I want you and your pet to be as happy as possible. These services should be positive for both you and your pet(s). Tailored pet care available, call Paws 'n' Beaks for details.

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