Specialist Parrot Sitting Available in the North East Lincolnshire Area

Pop in visits

I offer visits to parrots, budgies, aviary birds, etc. I will pop in and change water, food and play with your bird. This service is only offered as a short term service of no more than 3 days (for caged birds). After this time I would prefer to provide holiday boarding to parrots, cancaries and any birds (excludes aviary birds who require home visits) but understand that this is not always possible, so am prepared to offer a pop in service if there are several birds to be looked after. Paws 'n' Beaks only provide a pop in service for a minimum time of 1hr for parrots.

Parrot Holidays*

Being a parrot owner myself I know how difficult it is to find a holiday home whilst you are away. You can leave them for a few days with a friend to pop in and look after them but many people don't know how to look after birds. Pop in visits are fine for a couple of days but any longer is detrimental for the bird: they like company. Your parrot could stay with Paws 'n' Beaks whilst you are away! This means that your parrot will get the same attention as it would at home.

  • Paws 'n' Beaks have cages available (toys and perches, etc. will need to be supplied by you) or you can supply their own cage.
  • Paws 'n' Beaks clean cages, toys, perches and bowls regularly with F10 disinfectant as used by veterinary clinics.
  • Parrots will be given time out of their cages and played with individually, at least twice a day.

*We need negative test certificates for PBFD or a clean bill of health from an avian veterinary surgeon. This test can be done at your local/specialist vet. We operate a no certificate, no boarding policy.

We will follow the Animal Welfare Act 2006 when caring for any caged birds.

Medication Visits

Does your bird need specific medication at a set time during the day? I can provide a quick pop in service to administer the medicine.

Vets Visits

I will take your parrot(s) to the vets for you whilst you are at work or if you have no transport I can provide a pet taxi where I can take you and your parrot(s) to the vets.

Parrot and / or cage collection

I will pick up your parrot and/or cage if needed and return as required. Although I would prefer the parrot to be dropped off by their owner, if possible.

I want you and your pet to be as happy as possible. These services should be positive for both you and your parrot(s).

For suppliers of Toys, Food, Swings, Perches, Healthcare, Cages, Nuts and much more for your bird go to: http://www.scarlettsparrotessentials.co.uk/


You can call Paws 'n' Beaks for free by clicking on the Click to Call button on this webpage or for more general enquiries navigate to the Contact Us page and fill in the form. I will reply as soon as possible.

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