Dog Walking

A dog left on its own during the day will tend to be unhappy and lonely, they are after all

pack animals. So why not ask us to help by using our dog walking service.

  • Do you want a better alternative to leaving your faithful friend all day whilst you are at work?
  • Do you want to go away for the day, but can't leave the dog/s alone?
  • Would you like a dog/s, but feel guilty about leaving it all day on its own?
  • Does your dog/s howl, chew and bark whilst you are at work?
  • Does your dog/s suffer seperation anxiety?
  • Has your dog/s got boundless energy or is a breed that requires a large amount of exercise?
  • Do you want a permanent , constant walker for your dog/s?

If you answered yes to any of the above then a dog walking service is what you need!

You are probably asking why pay a little bit more when I can get the local youngster to walk my dog for me?

What happens if your dog runs off when being walked, has an accident , or runs into the road - will the walker be insured for injury to your dog or other parties or loss of your dog. You could find yourself liable in the event of an accident and left with a heafty bill for medical expenses for your dogs' treatment - This is why you should always use an insured walker. We are also CRB checked and insured to keep your house keys.

You can be assured that your dog is being looked after well, given a long walk and played with. This means that he/she will be better behaved and much happier. This will also help prevent your dog howling, barking, chewing and suffering separation anxiety. I take all of the dogs in my care to the closest wide open space available, giving them the chance to have plenty of exercise. I will play and walk with them to ensure that they get the exercise they deserve. Obviously not all dogs can be walked so we will spend time with them in your garden or in your home.

  • Group Walks no more than 4 Dogs 
  • Dogs walked on / off leads - owners permission required.
  • 1 hr & 30 min walks available - this is walk time NOT visit time. (other times available)
  • Please visit the Offers Page to see latest Prices for dog walking

Dog Home Boarding Better alternative to Kennels and a second home for your dog!

Why shouldn't your dog have a holiday as well or a safe place to stay if you are in hospital. Home boarding is an alternative to Kennels. They will stay with me meaning your dog will get the same love and attention as it would at home. They will have a regular second home and be lessed stressed than putting them in kennels.

They will stay in my own home, be walked a min of twice a day, brushed and loved. We do not crate dogs in anyway (except if owners request it) they will be kept inside , in my home and will be treated an cared for as I would my own dog. Plenty of cuddles included

  • Only your dog/dogs will be boarded overnight to a maximum of 3 as per my council license. You will notice that your dog will be happier and less anxious than in kennels.

Vets Visits

  • No transport to get to vets?
  • Cannot get time off work to go to vets?
  • Dogs need regualr vets visits?

I will take your dog(s) to the vets for you whilst you are at work or can provide a pet taxi where I can take you and your dog(s) to the vets.

Pop in Puppy Service

I will pop in to your house, let your puppy out, feed , fuss and play with it, ensuring that your puppy is happy and not bored whilst you are at work.

Medication Visits

Does your dog need specific medication at a set time during the day? I can provide a quick pop in service to administer the medicine, let the dog out and have a quick play. (Administering medication is included in the price of other dog services but walk time will be reduced by 10 mins.)

Call Paws 'n' Beaks for your individual requirements.

You can call Paws 'n' Beaks for free by clicking on the Click to Call button on this webpage or for more general enquiries navigate to the Contact Us page and fill in the form. I will reply as soon as possible.

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