Pop In Visits for Cats in the Immingham Area

Whilst I do not offer pop in services for dogs if you are on holiday, I do offer this service to cats. As they are more of a solitary animal and are not naturally pack animals, this means they are happy in their own company. I can pop in and see your feline friend, offer clean water and feed them daily. I will play with your cat and ensure that they are safe until you come home.

This also means that:

  • I can check on your house daily to move post, etc.
  • Your cat will be much happier at home than in a cattery.

Individual plans are available, call me on the number above to discuss your requirements.

I do ask that during the time you are on holiday, if the cats have access to a cat flap, that these are kept shut, as my visit may not coincide with your cat's return home. This will ensure that your cat is safe and checked daily.

Medication Visits

Does your cat need specific medication at a set time during the day? I can provide a quick pop in service to administer the medicine, and have a quick play with your cat.

Vets Visits

I will take your cat(s) to the vets for you whilst you are at work or if you have no transport I can provide a pet taxi where I can take you and your cat(s) to the vets.

I want you and your pet to be as happy as possible. These services should be positive for both you and your cat(s). Tailored cat care is available, call for details. For more general enquiries navigate to the Contact Us page and fill in the form.

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